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This has been one of my favorite quotes since I was a kid. Life can be boring and depressing or it can be fun! Most of it comes down to the choices you make. In the evening, do you watch the news or put on a funny sitcom? Do you embrace each day as a gift or take it for granted? Do you waist time with people who don’t treat you right, or do you seek to be with the ones you love. Honestly think about your life and the answers to those questions.

Laughing has shown many health benefits, such as decreasing stress hormones like cortisol, increasing endorphins which lessens both physical and emotional pain, strengthens the immune system and even burns calories. Love releases dopamine in the limbic system. With all of these benefits, you will live a much greater life!

I guarantee that if you shift your focus to the positive life has to offer you, you will enjoy it much more than you ever thought possible. LIVE LAUGH LOVE!

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People think love is invisible, but the truth is it is very visible. When two people are in love, people take notice. It draws people in like a magnet. But even before you have a significant other, you can draw people towards you by loving yourself. Show the word that you are a great person. Honestly, how can you expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself?

So if you are searching for love, give it to yourself first. Like a magnet, it will attract more love to you. And that love will keep growing stronger than ever!