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I’ve always admired the ways kids don’t hold back. They don’t waste time playing mind games. They don’t try to be someone they are not. We should take a lesson from them. Instead of overcomplicating our life, let’s keep it simple. If we like someone, let them know. Say exactly what you mean. Let yourself have fun! We teach kids a lot, but sometimes they can teach us too.

If you look closely at this shirt, there are two silhouette scenes. One is of kids being free and showing their love, the other is older kids and even though they love each other they aren’t as willing to show it. As we grow up, society says it’s not okay to be open about our emotions. Forget society’s rules. It will save everyone a lot of time and drama if you are just honest about how you feel. Be as free as kids!

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So many people focus on outside forces. When trying to attract love they focus on the way their hair looks or what clothes they are wearing. But ultimately, it is a person’s personality that counts the most. I have dated good looking rich guys, but they have never been able to make me feel as happy as Anthony does. Anthony GETS me. He is that special person who knows what I’m thinking sometimes before I do. So even though, before I met Anthony, many people have caught my eye, Anthony caught my heart because of who he is on the inside.

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Now is a confusing time in the world. We’re seeing a lot of hate bubble over and we don’t really know why. I’m always especially confused by when someone hates a person for their skin color or religious beliefs. Right now it may even feel like a war is ready to break out. But we need to stick together now more than ever. Love is more powerful than hate as long as people SHOW it.

Don’t sit around silently as the haters speak up. You need to speak up too. We can create a much better world for everyone if we make love the most dominant, visible force. When love wins, we all win!

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People think love is invisible, but the truth is it is very visible. When two people are in love, people take notice. It draws people in like a magnet. But even before you have a significant other, you can draw people towards you by loving yourself. Show the word that you are a great person. Honestly, how can you expect people to love you if you don’t love yourself?

So if you are searching for love, give it to yourself first. Like a magnet, it will attract more love to you. And that love will keep growing stronger than ever!

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This has been one of my favorite quotes since I was a kid. Life can be boring and depressing or it can be fun! Most of it comes down to the choices you make. In the evening, do you watch the news or put on a funny sitcom? Do you embrace each day as a gift or take it for granted? Do you waist time with people who don’t treat you right, or do you seek to be with the ones you love. Honestly think about your life and the answers to those questions.

Laughing has shown many health benefits, such as decreasing stress hormones like cortisol, increasing endorphins which lessens both physical and emotional pain, strengthens the immune system and even burns calories. Love releases dopamine in the limbic system. With all of these benefits, you will live a much greater life!

I guarantee that if you shift your focus to the positive life has to offer you, you will enjoy it much more than you ever thought possible. LIVE LAUGH LOVE!

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Honestly, there is nothing like being with the person you love. They understand you in a way others can’t. I know this feeling all too well, because Anthony lives 5 hours away from me. That means we can’t always be with each other. We started our relationship as a long distance one, doubtful because society says long distance relationships don’t work. But it did. Because we truly love each other. Whenever we’re away, we just want to be back into each other’s arms. Love transcends distance and time.

So I made this shirt, with two hearts traveling from far away to finally come together again, because if it is true love, you will find a way to be together!

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Love is more lasting then most people realize. If we didn’t fall in love, we wouldn’t have and raise kids. I’m not just talking about having the baby. I’m talking about how much love it takes to actually raise a baby. Let’s admit it: raising kids is a TON of work. So why change their diapers? Feed them? Spend nights awake comforting them as they cry? Because you love them. One day they will grow up and pass their love on to others. It’s how we all got here. Humans can’t survive on their own when they are first born. It is because somebody loved them enough to care for them.

I made this shirt with a chain of hearts circling around to represent the circle of life that love creates. Love has been here since the beginning of time, and it will be here until the end.

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In modern society we get so caught up with the material aspects. Sometimes it feels like a competition: who can have the nicest house, the most expensive car, the coolest cell phone. But the problem with loving material is, those material possessions aren’t able to give you love in return. It leads to such an empty life. What’s even worse is when people become so fixated on the material, they stop showing love to the people around them.

I made this shirt as a reminder of what the truly important things in life are. Hint: If it can’t give you a hug, it’s not that valuable, no matter how much society says its worth. People are able to give you the love you deserve. Next time you’re worried about not having the biggest house or the best technology, give someone you love a hug. It is worth a lot more.

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The moon is so far away. Let your love stretch and grow. Let it extend further and further, reach new people, gain new heights. When someone shows you love, naturally you feel happier. You are more willing to share your love with someone else. And they will be happy and inspired to share their love too. Before you know it, people are spreading love and positive vibes around the world, making it a better place!

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A few of my last posts touched on this a little. Love is so strong it can physically affect the body. Your heart can speed up; your stomach may flutter with nerves, and the entire world can look rosier.

Embrace that feeling!  I made a cute shirt to let you know it’s okay. Go with the feelings. Don’t over think or analyze it. Just be like a cute little animal and follow your instincts. Let your heart lead you to happiness.