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Why Customize

Why the ability to customize?

Diverse Universe is unique in that we give you the option to customize your clothes. Why? Because we realize that you are unique.

There is something so satisfying about being your true self. Which is why it’s sad that so many in the fashion industry say you have to look a certain way to be beautiful or “in style”.


Not. True.

Not. Even. Close.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and style is what YOU bring to an outfit. Your style is your way of telling people who you are and what you care about even before you’re in earshot of them. So before you begin, it’s vital to know what’s important to you. In 2017, do you want to show the world you’re bold and glamorous? Try a shiny shirt with complimentary rhinestones going down the seam line of one leg. It’s bold and edgy but without being overdone. Is there a charity volunteer group you’re passionate about? Rhinestone their logo slightly above the knee.  You want everyone to know you’re a fan of your school’s sports teams? Use Rhinestones in your school’s colors. The possibilities are endless.

Have fun showing off your style!